Looking to the future

To future proof the Rixton and Warburton Toll Bridge, and ensure this vital transport link can continue to serve local people and visitors now and into the future, a consultation is now underway to refurbish the infrastructure as part of an estimated £6.5 million upgrade programme.

The proposed plan will see the bridge, approach roads and toll collection system significantly upgraded. It has taken into consideration the financial, operational, social and environmental impact of the bridge, addressing the concerns raised by customers and the local community.

A Sustainable Investment Plan, in consultation with Warrington Borough Council and Trafford Borough Council is now publicaly available. The consultation period will run for a month long period from Monday 19th July 2021 until Friday 20th August 2021.

At the end of the consultation, a formal statutory process for the required authorisations will commence in Autumn 2021. The plan identifies the current situation and outlines a plan for the upgrade programme, subject to statutory consents.

The following has been proposed as part of the upgrade strategy:

  • Installation of a free-flow tolling system, removing the need for toll booth collection and reducing delays.
  • The funding of a major capital investment programme to reverse physical decline of the Warburton Toll Bridge.
  • Upgrading the approach roads to both sides of the bridge, covering both road surfaces and footpaths.
  • Introducing direct measures to control vehicle access including weight, height, width and speed, as well as obtaining powers to enforce restrictions.

Peel Ports Group continues to work collaboratively with Warrington Borough Council, Trafford Borough Council, and all other relevant stakeholders during this process.

To find out more about the proposed plan and to review the consultation please click on the download button below.

Written comments should be submitted no later than Friday 20th August 2021 via email to warburtontollbridge@peelports.com