Rixton and Warburton Bridge Order - TWAO Application

Following completion of the non-statutory consultation in August 2021 and the publication of the Consultation Feedback Report in respect of the proposals for the Bridge outlined in our Investment Plan, we have now submitted an application to the Secretary of State for Transport under the Transport and Works Act 1992 (“the 1992 Act”) for the proposed Rixton and Warburton Bridge Order. The proposals require statutory authorisation under section 3 of the 1992 Act on the basis that they relate to the operation of an inland waterway i.e. the Manchester Ship Canal, including the effect of the Rixton and Warburton Bridge on the operation of the Canal.

The application documents are available to download in the table below. 


Document Description

Link to Document


Transport and Works Act Order Application Letter

A1 - Letter of Application


Draft Order

A2 - Draft Order


Explanatory Memorandum

A3 - Explanatory Memorandum


Concise Statement of Aims

A4 - Concise Statement of Aims


Business Case

A5 - Business Case


Consultation Report

A6 - Consultation Report 

A6 - Consultation Report Appendices


Waiver direction in relation to Rule 10(2) given under Rule 18

A7 - Rixton & Warburton Hard Copy waiver decision letter


Further details regarding the application, how and by when you can respond, and details of where the application documents can be viewed, please click here